Pedal-Destination Moon – Solar Powered Music Festival

12495_502481053134548_1548940372_n1Fancy playing a gig on a pedal powered sound system, complete with a wind powered lighting rig?
Destination Moon based in Brooklyn, NYC is dedicated to providing an immersive artistic experience with the smallest possible ecological footprint. They produce events that integrate music and the arts with sustainable energy.

The decision to create Destination Moon came after years of frequenting big summer festivals, where the infant DM Team saw an incredible amount of waste and energy misuse. DM are “big advocates” of festivals and music, so they began plotting their own, trying to reduce their carbon footprint in the process.

“We use DC Solar Solutions’ Model SCT20 portable solar generators,” We don’t have to blast music as loud (until we want to) to overpower generator motors, so it engages the audience, looks awesome and, hopefully, it instills the capabilities of solar use.” For Destination Moon, the solar generator is the most vital ingredient in keeping the festival sustainable. Larger festivals don’t even consider it as an option. Instead, they use diesel generators. “Diesel generator emissions are damaging to the environment, and in the long term are partly responsible for rising fuel costs, not to mention they need to be running constantly to avoid damaging the engines,” said Esner speaking on behalf of DM. “Last year, after 10 hours of powering our huge stage and about four hours of powering location and stage lighting, the solar trailer was only down to about 85 percent battery. Totally reliable, even on a cloudy day if we wanted to keep going.” In addition to that goal, the art and sound installations throughout the festival thoughtfully recycled materials and utilized renewable energy, set in an oasis within an urban jungle backyard of a 19th century complex on the upper west side.


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