On The Hidden Sound Of Sports


It seems an appropriate time to share this wonderful article on the sound design and audio enhancement of our most loved sporting events from the current World Cup and Wimbledon to the 4000 strong microphone staged London Olympic Games.

As a theatre sound engineer, designer I know what depths and exact planning it takes to portray the right audio coverage to an audience, treading the middle ground between what’s real and what’s unreal, while staying 99% invisible. In this fantastic article, Peregrine Andrews SD/SR for the BBC reveals the tricks and techniques used to sonically enhance, excite and draw you in as close as possible to the live action. If the jobs done right, as recordists, you probably don’t notice that were doing our jobs at all… in fact you probably don’t even know that our job exists.

Full Article sourced from Fast And Wide.com
Peregrine Andrews on the Sound of Sport


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