Kasai Masai and The EIA International Festival

I am back into a musical swing working with a wonderful and talented bunch of touring musicians form the Congo and Senegal called Kasai Masai. The performance was part of the National Geographic and EIA International who are U.K based charity, documentary makers dealing with environmental crimes and issues … please take a look www.eia-international.org

Kasai Masai currently on world tour with Femi Kuti..

Perfect sounds for the perfect weather.

I’m also creating music and exploring the possibilities of Ableton Live for sound Design, Collaborating with another sound designer who is also the founder of a great sound archive site Sonospace. If you don’t know of Sonospace yet please check out the great work the archivers are doing sourcing and distributing found sounds and natural audio recordings. Any how more to come on that as Sonospace have kindly asked me for an article along the lines of a reflection on the industry as a sound recordist which will be a good chance to get kit technical.

So It has been an inspiring month which I wrapped up with the Atoms For Peace concert at Roundhouse! Big respect for Thom Yorke who pulled of a fantastic show with incredible sound/lighting and Flea for being a bass player possessed.

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