The Game Of Life Foundation

The Game Of Life Foundation Curate and produce artistic programmes which showcase a diverse range of high-quality, innovative electronic music projects through Wave field synthesis (WFS)

The foundation offer composers (sound artists/artists/musicians) a unique opportunity to work with their highly specialised Wave Field Synthesis system. This system is fully mobile making it the only mobile WFS system in the world. Our WFS system comprises of 192 specially designed loudspeakers and provides listeners with an immersive sonic experience that is impossible to experience in ones own home environment. Wave Field Synthesis is the first sound reproduction technique that enables sound to be truly – that is physical instead of psycho acoustic – distributed spatially.

Picture of The Game Of Life installation and it’s 360 array of speakers.

With the WFS system a sound could appear to originate from a fixed point and remain there or it could be programmed to move in patterns within and outside the square formation of the loudspeaker arrays. This possibility of being able to move sounds ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the direct listening environment offers endless creative opportunities for the artist.

The system is currently touring UK and Europe with live works and compositions by Robert Henke (Monolake), Yota Morimoto and Funckarma.

Game Of Life

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