The Infinite Mix: Contemporary Sound And Image

Featuring British artists Martin Creed, Elizabeth Price (Turner Prize winner 2014) and American artist Rachel Rose. Curated by The Vinyl Factory.

the-infinite-mix-the-store-180-the-strand-michael-wilkin-photography-for-the-vinyl-factory-9-of-26 the-infinite-mix-the-store-180-the-strand-michael-wilkin-photography-for-the-vinyl-factory-11-of-26 the-infinite-mix-the-store-180-the-strand-michael-wilkin-photography-for-the-vinyl-factory-69-of-71

I find it hard to remember an exhibition that I’ve found more enjoyable than The Infinite Mix. A collaboration with The Store, a creative space in what seems like an unused and brutalist Berlin interrogation building. Infinite Mix showcases 10 quality sound design and audio video installations. Some of the works being hilarious and others being mesmerising and always original. The installations themselves sound and look wonderful both in design and technicality. For a free exhibition at this level, I highly recommend. Be sure to check out the top floor bar too, another great space, worthy of an expensive beer.

The Infinite Mix



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