British Library – Below The Lines In The Ice: The Sonic World Of Icebergs

Irish composer Dr Karen Power spent time in the Arctic as part of the Arctic Circle Residency programme, exploring and documenting the sounds of the Arctic icebergs. Power armed herself with a weaponry of drills and hydrophones in order to explore this mysterious world..


“Despite the silence, there is a tremendous pressure in the atmosphere. I wanted to get inside what I thought might be the cause of this pressure – the ice reshaping, melting – so I drilled some holes in some of the icebergs, at first on the shore and then floating in the middle of the water, and I was introduced to the most amazing sonic world”.

The field recordings collected during the residency open a fascinating acoustic window onto the usually hidden world of Arctic ice. Pops, cracks, creaks, groans, bangs and taps are just some of the sounds encountered during this incredible journey beneath the surface of the Arctic Ocean.

Extreme Iceberg Close Up:-


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